Reset your password

You can, and should, regularly change your password to keep hackers at bay (see how to change your Yahoo password). But when you have forgotten your password, you'll need to go through the "password reset" process, which uses alternate email addresses or secret answer/question to restore access to your profile and emails. You can also use this process if you forgot your username (which comes before the "@" symbol in your Yahoo email address), or if a hacker has gained access to your account.

Tip: when you try to login to your Yahoo account, you can omit the domain name (the part that comes after the "@" symbol). But this only works when the Yahoo page's address matches the end of your email address, for example: if you have an "" email account and only enter your username on a "" page, Yahoo will assume that your address ends in ""!


Get a new password for your Yahoo account

Go login to your Yahoo account / Yahoo Mail account as you usually do, and don't try too many times entering a guessed password, to avoid having your account locked.

If your web browser automatically "remembers" your passwords, you will need to enter once, manually, your new Yahoo information to update its records and avoid error messages.

Tutorial last updated on September 15, 2012
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