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While you can browse LinkedIn profiles when you are logged out (or do not have an account), you won't be able to view many of a person's details, like job history, job description, large picture, etc. If you can't remember your password, simply go through the "password reset" process described in this tutorial. It will use your sign-in email address to send you a link that lets you pick a new password. Unlike other online services, LinkedIn doesn't (currently) let you reset your password unless you have access to the email account they have on file. This tutorial also explains how to add alternate email addresses to your account, something you should definitely do if you use a work, school, or ISP email account (access to all of which can be lost if you change job, finish school, or use another internet provider!) Since LinkedIn finds connections based in part on email addresses and address book contacts, this also increases the chances of others finding you if they send you an invitation, for example.

Tip: if you remember your current password, don't go through the trouble of resetting it - instead, see our tutorial on changing your current LinkedIn password.


I forgot my LinkedIn password!

Here's how to reset and pick a new password in just five short steps:

Add an email address to your LinkedIn profile

Since you were able to access your account, here's a good opportunity to add email addresses to your profile: you will pat yourself on the back, should you ever lose access to any one of them! While signed in, mouse over your username (top right), and select "Settings". Enter your new password (LinkedIn asks for it to protect access to sensitive data), and click "Sign in". Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the "Account" tab (shown below), then on the "Add & change email addresses" link:

Add an email address to your LinkedIn profile

Enter a new email address in the popup window that opened, and click "Add email address". Click on the "Done" button and check that other email account's inbox / spam folder for a link to confirm that address. To send another confirmation message, or remove an email address, click on the same link, and this time manage all email addresses you have on file: click "Remove" next to any address you no longer want (but you have to keep your primary email address).

Tip: any web browser configured to "remember" your LinkedIn password will automatically fill-in the old one. Make sure to update those settings (manually sign into LinkedIn once with your new credentials is generally enough, and your browser will store the new password / ask you if you want to update its records).

Tutorial last updated on July 29, 2012
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