Change YouTube password

YouTube was purchased a few years ago by Google; since then, Google has tried to link all existing YouTube accounts with their own accounts (which is your Google user name and password, the same thing as your Gmail email address). Depending on when you created your YouTube profile, you may be using the same credentials as your Google / Gmail account, or not. Either way, the process of changing your password is the same, and only takes a few clicks. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change YouTube password (which may affect your Google or Gmail password, if they are linked).
Change YouTube password for your account / profile


How do I change my YouTube password?

First, type "" inside your web browser's address bar, or access your favorite video sharing site the way you typically do. Then, follow these steps:

And this is all it takes to change your YouTube password in just a few clicks. Note that this account setting takes effect immediately, and you will need to start using the new password from any computer.

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