Change Yahoo Mail password (Yahoo Mail Beta 2010/2011)

When you try the new Yahoo Mail Beta 2010 / 2011, you will see plenty of innovation and changes to the old, familiar Yahoo Mail experience when checking your emails. Fortunately, Yahoo! has gone out of its way to at the same time bring new features to the service, but also keep it easy enough for existing users to transition to (in most cases, the beta email programs will see all or most of their new features make it to the final version of the new product). As you'll see, it is quite easy and similar to both the All-New Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Mail Classic to change your password in Yahoo Mail Beta 2010 / 2011.

Tip: if you forgot how to login, see how you can reset your Yahoo password!


How do I change my Yahoo Mail Beta password?

This is how you will go about changing your password in Yahoo Mail Beta:

Tip: now that you have successfully changed your Yahoo Mail password, remember that you will need to start using it immediately for all services that use your Yahoo credentials (email address and password) to login. To discover all the features this webmail service has to offer, visit our Yahoo Mail Tutorial.

Tutorial last updated on September 15, 2012
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