Change Yahoo Mail password (All New Yahoo Mail)

When you create a Yahoo email account, you have to choose a password to protect access to your emails and profile information. And you will keep using this same password when you sign in to Yahoo Mail for as long as you want. But you can also change Yahoo Mail password at any time, in just a few clicks, as you'll learn in this tutorial. From a security standpoint, it is actually a good idea to change password now and then, just to make sure that no-one has hacked into your account or to correct the problem if you accidentally left the "Remember me" option enabled on a computer that isn't yours.

Tip: if you forgot how to login, see how you can reset your Yahoo password!


How do I change my Yahoo Mail password?

In the "All-New" Yahoo Mail, follow these steps to change your email account password:

Tip: if you receive an "The new password you entered is not valid" error message, you probably just typed your old password in all three text fields.

That's how easily you can change Yahoo Mail password for the all new Yahoo Mail version of the service. If you have customized your web browser to remember your password, keep in mind that you may receive an error message - just go back to the login form and enter your full email address and your new password, and make sure that the "Remember me" option is enabled! More at our Yahoo Mail Tutorial.

Tutorial last updated on September 15, 2012
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