Change Windows Live Mail password (Windows Live Mail 2011)

When you add an email account to Windows Live Mail 2011, the email program will ask you for your credentials so that it can connect to the mail server of your email provider - this includes your email address and your password. But most email providers allow you to change password whenever you want, and usually let you do that from their website (this could be Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, your internet provider, or your school / employer). As soon as you change your email account password, Windows Live Mail 2011 will no longer be able to send or download email messages, since the password it has stored on file no longer matches. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change Windows Live Mail password.


How do I change my Windows Live Mail password?

Follow these steps to update your credentials and password information for Windows Live Mail 2011 on Windows Vista or Windows 7: (a separate tutorial will explain how to change password for the old version of Windows Live Mail that is available for Windows XP)

This is all it takes to change email password in Windows Live Mail 2011: you should now be able to send and receive email messages through this account without any problem! To learn more about the best free email program Microsoft has ever created, visit our Windows Live Mail Tutorial.

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