Change Wells Fargo password

If you have a bank account with Wells Fargo, you had to pick a user name and password the first time you decided to enable online banking. From that point on, you always enter the same user name and password when you want to check your account balance online. And, unlike some other credit card and banking / financial services, Wells Fargo tends to be pretty laid back when it comes to changing your account password for online access (we've seen a reminder to change our password perhaps once or twice in over 10 years!). But it is a good idea to regularly change your Wells Fargo password, especially if you have checked your account from an unfamiliar computer (something we don't recommend!)


How do I change my Wells Fargo password? (For your account on

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to change your Wells Fargo account password:

This is all it takes to change your Wells Fargo password! Now that you know how easily you can do it, we recommend that you change it now and then, especially if you occasionally have to check your bank account from desktop computers or laptops that are not your own (something we don't advise!)

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