Change Thunderbird password

When you add an email account in Thunderbird ("Mozilla Thunderbird"), the new account wizard will gather your create, which will from that point on be used to communicate with the mail server of the email provider of your choice (Hotmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc.) Most webmail services and email provider allow you to change your email account password from a web browser. But this convenient feature doesn't affect the email programs, like Thunderbird, which you may be using to send and receive emails from the email account in question - which means that you have to manually change your password in Thunderbird, as we'll show you how to do in this tutorial.


How do I change my Mozilla Thunderbird password?

Changing your password in Thunderbird only takes a few clicks:

The next time you are trying to send or receive email messages from Thunderbird, you will get a password prompt - at that point, enter your new email account password, and ask Thunderbird to save it! Mozilla Thunderbird is among the two best open source email clients you can get; learn more and unleash its power by checking out the tips and tricks featured in our Thunderbird Tutorial.

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