Change router password (Linksys)

When you purchase a Linksys router (now belonging to the Cisco Home routers division), the device will automatically be set to use one of two default passwords: it will either be set to no password protection (not typically the case), or it will be automatically configured to use the word "password" as your actual password. Since this is the bestselling brand of routers, hackers (or pranksters) will very easily first try to hack into your router by entering either a blank password, or the word "password" itself. So the first thing you should do once you have plugged in your Linksys router, is to update its credentials right away.


How do I change my router password / Linksys password?

Follow these steps to change your Linksys router password from a web browser:

Remember that this new setting takes effect immediately: in other words, make sure to start using the new password right away, and let anyone applicable know that they need to use new credentials to access the router's Control Panel. And as a final note, this will not affect in any way your "wireless network password" (or "security key"), which remains the same as before.

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