Change password in Outlook 2010

Unlike other pieces of software in the Microsoft Office family, the Outlook email program transitioned slowly to the ribbon: in Outlook 2003, menus were used everywhere; in Outlook 2007, the main window kept its menus, while the rest of the program used ribbon-type interfaces. But in Outlook 2010, the ribbon is used everywhere, which makes finding options and settings more challenging. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change password for various email accounts in Outlook 2010.

Tip: Outlook 2010 is just an email "client" - this means that it is a desktop program that works by connecting to an online service, namely your email provider. So, before changing you email password in Outlook, you'll need to have updated your email account itself. How you do that depends on your email provider or webmail service you are using - here are a few examples:
Change Hotmail password;
Change Gmail password;
Change Yahoo Mail password - for current version (2011), formerly "Beta 2010".


How do I change email password in Outlook 2010?

Once Outlook is running, follow these simple steps:

Once you have changed email password and confirmed that it worked properly, click on the "Next" button, and click on "Finish" to save the new settings and return to Outlook. From this point on, the email account you just updated will use the new credentials (and remember them if you chose that option!)

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