Change password for Amex high yield savings account (American Express)

When you first sign up for a high yield savings account with American Express (Amex), you'll be able to pick a username and password for your profile. Make sure that you remember this password, because there is no "online password reset" functionality, probably for security reasons - in that case, you'll need to call the Amex customer service folks (very helpful) to manually reset your credentials. But this tutorial will show you how to change your password from within your Amex account page, in just a few clicks.


How do I change my Amex account password?

First, login to your American Express high yield savings account the way you usually do:

You are done changing your Amex password! Just click on the "Submit" button to save your changes; remember to start using your new credentials right away (your new credentials are saved right away). Click the "Sign Off" link in the top right corner of the page when you are ready to leave.

Tip: if you have configured a web browser to automatically supply your password in the American Express login screen, you may receive an error message since you need to update your browser's password manager with the new credentials.

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