Change Outlook Express password

When you first add an email account to Outlook Express, you will need to supply both the email address in question and the password for that particular email account. In most cases, you will configure Outlook Express to automatically remember your password so that you don't have to manually re-enter it whenever you want to check your emails. But what if you change your email account's password? This is not a problem, and as you'll see in this tutorial, it is very easy to change your Outlook Express password.


How do I change my Outlook Express password?

Follow these steps to enter another password for an email account in Outlook Express:

This is all it takes to change your Outlook Express password for one or more email accounts; and unless you choose not to make Outlook Express remember that password, it will automatically store it and supply that new password as needed to save you some typing! For more tips and tricks about the first email program Microsoft bundled with Windows, see our Outlook Express Tutorial.

Tip: if you are checking that particular email account from several copies of Outlook Express (on different computers or under different Windows user names in the same PC), don't forget to update your password for these copies of Outlook Express as well. The steps we explained in this tutorial only affect the copy of Outlook Express you were using when changing the password.

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