Change Opera Mail password (M2 on Windows / Mac / Linux)

When you add an email account to Opera Mail (M2), you will be asked to enter your email address, incoming and outgoing mail servers, and your email account password. Opera Mail will keep using this password until you tell it otherwise; so, if you changed your email account password with the provider, you will also need to update your credentials inside Opera itself. This tutorial will show you how to change your email password inside Opera Mail in just a few steps for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


How do I change my Opera Mail (M2) password?

Here's how to update your email account credentials in Opera:

And this is all you need to do to update your email account password inside Opera Mail. As mentioned earlier, the procedure is the same whether you are using Windows, Mac OS X, or some flavor of Linux.

Tip: this change will of course only affect the current copy of Opera. If you are using Opera Mail on multiple / different computers, and/or using it under different user profiles on the same machine, remember to change your password manually for each of these copies of Opera. To pick up more tips and tricks about the free, bundled email client that ship with the browser, see our Opera Mail Tutorial.

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