Change Mozilla Mail password / Change SeaMonkey Mail password

When you first add an email account to Mozilla Mail or SeaMonkey Mail, you will just enter your basic information like email address, incoming mail server and outgoing mail server. The password will be entered only the first time you are trying to send or receive email messages from within Mozilla Mail / SeaMonkey Mail, as shown on the screenshot below. But if you tell the email program to remember your password, and later change that password with your email provider, you may find it difficult to see where you can change the stored password for that particular email account.
First time entering your email account password in Mozilla Mail / SeaMonkey Mail


How do I change my Mozilla Mail / SeaMonkey Mail password?

Follow these steps to change the stored password for one of your email accounts: (if you arrived on this tutorial looking for Thunderbird, see how you can change your Thunderbird password)

And this is how you indirectly change the stored password for your email account in Mozilla Mail and SeaMonkey Mail. To learn more about this internet suite / email program software package, be sure to visit our free SeaMonkey Mail Tutorial / Mozilla Mail Tutorial (combined into one convenient location).

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