Change Mac Mail password (Apple Mail on Mac OS X)

When you first your Apple Mail email program on Mac OS X, you will have the opportunity to add an email account of your choice. During that process, Mac Mail will collect your account user name (email address, typically), and your email password - with the option of automatically remembering your password whenever you need to send or receive emails. But what happens if you change your email password? Generally, this is done from the website of the webmail provider in question (MobileMe, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, and many others). At that point, the password Mac Mail has on file for this particular email account will no longer work, and you will need to change the stored email password.


How do I change my Mac Mail password (Apple Mail on Mac OS X)?

This is how you change the stored email password in Mail for Mac OS X: (if you want to change the actual user account credentials for your Mac, see how to change password on Mac OS X).

Mac Mail Tip: if you change your email password inside Mac Mail, it will only affect the application itself, not your email account. In other words, to change your actual email account password, you'll need to first go through the email provider to update your credentials, and then make the change in Mac OS X. For more information about this email program, please see our Apple / Mac Mail Tutorial.

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