Change LinkedIn password

Unlike most other social networks, designed around hobbies and interests, LinkedIn is more "serious", and your profile directly reflects on you. So, for this website more than any other, it is crucial to regularly change your password (especially if you check LinkedIn from hotels, airports, and other public places). You should also pay particular attention to making a hard-to-crack password (if you're worried about safer passwords, which are more difficult to remember, keep in mind that you can very reset them - the same tutorial linked from inside the tip below also explains how to add multiple email addresses to your LinkedIn profile - useful for password reset purposes, and to increase your chances of connecting with other, potentially influential LinkedIn members who might not have your latest / current email address).

Tip: this tutorial explains how to change your password once you are signed into your LinkedIn profile; if you forgot your password and cannot access your account, see instead our "Reset LinkedIn Password" tutorial.


How do I change my LinkedIn password?

Here's how to update your credentials in a few short steps:

Tutorial last updated on July 29, 2012
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