Change iTunes password from iPhone / iPod touch

One of the first things you'll do when you buy your iPhone or iPod touch is to "activate" it through iTunes, to associate it with your Apple ID - the email address and password that allow you to purchase items and download apps from the iTunes Store. As you know, you can change iTunes password from iTunes itself, but this will affect all devices currently associated with that particular Apple ID - in other words, you need to update your credentials from these devices. This tutorial shows you how to update your password from an iPhone or an iPod touch.


How to change my iPhone / iPod touch password for iTunes?

Here's how to update your iTunes Store credentials in just a few steps:

That's all it takes to update your password on iPod touch or iPhone - the transition to the new one is seamless, since Apple never assumes for a long time that you are the same person using the phone or iPod, and keeps asking for credentials, without any option to automatically remember your password.

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