Change iTunes Store password from iPad

When you own an iPad, it is synchronized through iTunes, which is configured to use an "Apple ID", without which you cannot purchase apps and other items from the iTunes Store. Our iPad Tutorial covers most other aspects of Apple's tablet, and this page will show you how to change the password associated with your iPad from the device itself - if you change your iTunes password without updating your credentials on the iPad, you will no longer be able to purchase new apps, books, songs, etc.


How do I change my iTunes password on iPad?

Follow these simple steps to update your iTunes password on iPad:

Tip: if you need to change not only your iTunes Store password, but the email address as well (Apple ID, in other words), you will do it from the Account dialog covered above - tap on the current email address, and enter the new one.

Keep in mind that if you change the Apple ID associated with your iPad, you will not be able to keep your apps and content on the device without first synchronizing it through iTunes - this is too prevent "piracy" of paid content.

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