Change iTunes password

iTunes is both a music player software (multimedia player, in fact), and a web browser - the iTunes Store, from where you can purchase all kinds of digital content, is in fact just an e-commerce website (like, for example), that you can only browse from within iTunes. And like all online stores, it requires a user name (your "Apple ID", which is an email address), and a password. While it is a bit complicated to change your Apple ID, it is very easy to change your iTunes password, as you'll learn in this tutorial. Keep in mind that when you change your iTunes password, it affects not just iTunes, but also all devices that are connected to that Apple ID, like your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.


How do I change my iTunes password?

Follow these simple steps to change your iTunes password (from within iTunes).

This is how easily you can change your iTunes password, from iTunes - later tutorials will explain how to change your iTunes password from a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad. Speaking of those, remember that we mentioned that these passwords will need to be updated to match your new iTunes password! If you want to learn a bit more about iTunes than just changing its password, check out our iTunes tutorial.

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