Change ING Direct password (multi-digits pin code)

ING Direct was one of the first companies online (banking industry or otherwise, that we know of) to introduce the unique account image concept that you need to recognize (to prevent phishing attempts from third-party websites, which would not know which image your picked for your account), along side a clicked-in multiple digits pin code (currently, ING Direct requires at least a six-digits pin code / password). Note that, throughout this tutorial, we use the words "pass code", password, "PIN", and "PIN code" interchangeably. They all refer to the 6-10 digits code you enter to sign in to your ING Direct account.


How do I change my ING Direct password?

This is how you change your ING Direct password / pin code:

Safety Tip: never change your ING Direct password / PIN code from a computer you don't trust. While the input method for your password (click in, versus type in) is safer than most other techniques, some key loggers can also take periodic screenshots of on-screen activity - so only check ING from your own computer!

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