Change GoDaddy password

Because your GoDaddy account holds information as important as your website hosting, domain name, SSL certificates, and more, it's imperative to pick a strong password and change it regularly. Never login to from a computer that isn't yours, for example, just as you would never do so with your online banking account. This tutorial show you how to change your GoDaddy password in just a few clicks, and where to change your contact email address as well (same form!) While GoDaddy may email you or call you about security and/or additional services, they will never ask for your password - they have it, and use other checks before discussing your account, like checking your customer number, etc.


How do I change my password?

Go to and login to your account (by using your current password).

The new password takes effect right away, so make sure to update your password manager's records (if you use one), and expect some complaints when your web browser tries to login using a saved password next time: all you have to do is supply the new password instead.

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