Change Flickr password

As you may already know, the Flickr photo sharing website has been purchased a few years ago by Yahoo. One of the changes that occurred is that you now can (and must) use your Yahoo email address and password to login to that website. Just like your YouTube credentials are now linked with a Gmail account since Google acquired the video sharing website a while back. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your Flickr password - which as implied, will affect the way you sign in to Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, and other services that require authentication by Yahoo.


How do I change my Flickr password?

First, open a web browser, and type "" inside the address bar.
Access the Flickr homepage in your web browser

You have successfully changed your Flickr password! Note that the change takes effect right away, so you'll need to start using it not only for Flickr, for any other Yahoo-owned websites, like or the free Yahoo Mail webmail service. If you have configured your web browser to automatically sign in to some of these websites, you will receive an "incorrect password" error message - this is normal, since your browser is trying to login to the service with your old password. Just re-enter your credentials, this time using the new password (and keep the old email address as-is, that has not changed!)

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