Change eBay password

You need to choose to pieces of information when you first sign up to create an eBay account: a user name (also called "User ID"), and a password. And you will keep using these credentials to login to your account until you or another authorized user (someone with whom you share access to your eBay account) manually changes that user name or password. In this tutorial, we will explain how to easily change your eBay password is just a few clicks.


How do I change my eBay password? (Your account password on

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to pick another eBay password for your account:

And that's how you change your eBay password! Just remember to start using the new password immediately, from this computer and all others. If you are running an eBay online business with colleagues or friends, let them know that you have changed the common password for

Safety Tip: never -ever- email someone your new eBay password. Call them if you want them to have your password for, or tell them in person.

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