Change Chase password (credit card)

When you get your Chase credit card, you'll automatically have the possibility to enroll for online account access, payments, etc. As soon as you setup your account, you'll have to pick a username and password; while the username typically remains the same unless you call Chase to have them change it (choose carefully!), your Chase account password is something you not only can, but should regularly change, especially if you happen to check your account or make an online payment from a computer other than yours (something we definitely don't recommend, to avoid identity theft issues). In this tutorial, you'll learn how to quickly change your Chase password for credit cards; in case of emergency, know that you can call Chase and do the same thing over the phone, but this route will take much longer than changing it yourself.


How do I change my Chase password?

First, login to your Chase account at "":

Tip: since the new password setting takes effect immediately, make sure that you remember to start using right away on this and other computers. Most financial institutions (and credit card companies) will lock your account if you try to login too many times with the wrong username and/or password, for security reasons!

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