Change AOL password

You pick your password while creating your AOL or AOL Mail account for the first time; unless you manually change it, as we show you in this tutorial, and recommend you do on a regular basis, AOL will not force or even suggest that you update your credentials. Since AOL and AOL Mail are connected (use the same authentication system in other words), changing it in one will affect the other - when you are done, don't forget to update your password in email programs you might use to check your AOL messages.


How do I change my AOL password?

Go to, and sign in to your account if necessary:

Tip: if you are already in AOL Mail, click on "Options" (top right), select "My Account", and click on "Manage my account" in the page that opens. If you are on AOL's homepage, scroll to the very bottom and click "My Account".

Tip: remember that the change affects all services use your AOL username for credentials - this includes AOL Mail, the AIM instant messaging chat client.

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