Change Amazon password (or "Amazon", for short) is the most popular all-purpose online retailer. While you can browse the website without having an account of your own, you cannot purchase anything until you have signed up for your account; your Amazon credentials consist of a user name, which is an email address of your choice (that you own, of course), and a password of your choice as well. Once your account is setup, you have the ability to change your password at any time.


How do I change my Amazon password? (Your account password)

Follow these simple steps to pick a new password for your account:

And this is how easily you can change password on! Just remember to sign in with the new, updated credentials next time. If you are regularly using Amazon from a public computer, it is actually a good idea to regularly rotate passwords to ensure that no-one gets hold of yours.

Quick Amazon Password Tip: Also remember that if you have set your web browser to automatically login to your Amazon account, you will receive an error message if it uses the old password. Just update your settings, and enter your new password, and you are done!

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