Change 7 password (Windows 7)

Whenever you add new users in Windows 7, you will have the option of adding password protection to each user profile, and we do recommend that you take advantage of this feature to prevent unauthorized access to anyone's files. Of course, it is possible to change Windows 7 password after the fact, and as many times as you want; in fact, in some environments (lots of foot traffic or various people using the same computer), it makes sense to regularly change 7 password. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your Windows 7 password, and quickly mention how to change another user's password.

Tip: you can also change Windows password with command line (DOS prompt).


How do I change my Windows 7 password?

Follow these steps to change your password on a Windows 7 computer:

Tip: to learn more about all the new feature introduced in Microsoft's latest consumer operating system, be sure to visit our Windows 7 Tutorial!

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