How Do I Change My Password?

Welcome to How Do I Change My Password, the ultimate online resource for keeping your profile and account credentials safe and secure, and changing your passwords for multiple online services like Hotmail or Gmail, Facebook or - and various pieces of software, like Apple's iTunes for example.


Change your email password

One of the most popular online services is "webmail", which allow you to send and receive email messages from a simple web browser, without the need to download an email program. Let's now show you how easily you can update your email account and keep it secure. In addition to these webmail email providers, you can change your email account password from inside the email client of your choice, if you are using email in a program as opposed to a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox:

To learn more about the world of email, see our email tutorial for tips and tricks.

Change your Windows password or Mac password

All recent versions of the Windows operating system support users: this means that several people can have their own Windows profile installed on the same computer, and each access their own setting and programs by logging in using a user name and password. The following tutorials explain how you can change your Windows password (or another user's password).

And here's how to update the credentials of your own user account for Mac OS X on Apple computers (desktop or laptop, or servers), and future tutorials will explain in details how to manage other's user accounts, either on the same machine, a local network, or remove computers.

To learn more about the two latest consumer operating systems created by Microsoft, please see our Windows Vista Tutorial or our Windows 7 Tutorial.

Changing your password for e-commerce sites and online services 

All websites that allow you to create an account or profile will typically require that you create a user name (which is often your email address), and a password. Nearly none of these omits to include an automated process that allows you to change your password in just a few clicks. Here are some of the most popular online destinations - online stores, or related to e-commerce in general:

Change password on electronic devices and cell phones

A new set of tutorials will cover changing your account credentials on mobile devices and popular cell phones; let's start with one of the most common piece of electronics on your network, namely the router.

Stay tuned and come back soon for new tutorials and free help on changing your password for many more online services, devices and cell phones, and programs / applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Tutorial last updated on September 15, 2012
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